Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl) impressions

Let’s get right to it. Keijo!!!!!!!! is an ecchi anime of, literally, “epic proportions”.

I’m a fan of ecchi (slang for perv in Japanese) anime, and I’ve seen such luminaries as High School DxD, and Seikon no Qwasar. Even though I’ve seen anime that go much farther, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as shameless a premise as the one for Keijo!!!!!!!!

The gist of the show is that a new female only sport of Keijo exists, and it consists of girls using their buttocks and breasts to knock each other off of platforms in the water. Nozomi Kaminashi is the centerpiece of this story, and she’s apparently a gifted gymnast who decides she wants to strike it rich in the sport, but of course to reach that level there is competition standing in the way.

From my viewing so far, Keijo seems like Dragonball Z/Super in its execution. Nozomi is Goku-like: super-talented, competitive, aloof, and adept at turning rivals into friends. Her friends and rivals have varying levels of strength, but it all comes down to her. I haven’t identified her ‘Vegeta’ yet, but I suspect she will find her during the East vs. West matches.

I’m mostly surprised at how much I’m enjoying the show. Usually ecchi relies on significant T&A and only a very thin plot. That isn’t to say Keijo!!!!!!!! is cerebral, but it’s actually a show I look forward to week-to-week in the same way I did for the first season of Re:Zero.

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