Where Is The Fire Emblem Warriors Villain Pack?

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.

I’m confused as to why this hasn’t been addressed yet. At this point in its DLC, Hyrule Warriors had its villains playable. What’s the holdup? I have some ideas:

1. The pair-up and support conversations are making it difficult to integrate the villains into the game. 

It’s probably a little difficult to figure out how to get the Aytolis Twins and everyone else to speak to each other and play nice. Can you imagine the awkwardness of the battle supports?

2. They are all Robin clones except for the spoiler villain, who is also a clone of another class.

This would only add more fuel to the “why all the clones?” fire. They would need to figure out how to differentiate at least two of them. I’m confident they will eventually put them in the game.

3. The game didn’t sell well enough to support continued updates.

Fire Emblem Warriors was never going to outdo Hyrule Warrior in the popularity department, but Koei Tecmo has intimated that its Switch games are actually selling well, so I’m not inclined to  believe this.

4. There are more surprise characters coming, including villains. Maybe even a new story.

As of this writing, it is exactly two months until E3. Nintendo has been very quiet about the second half of 2018, and the lack of big announcements before the show is building anticipation for the eventual offerings. What if this means they are preparing another season pass that ties in with the upcoming proper Fire Emblem Switch title? That would be a heck of a shock (in a good way).

While we don’t have any answers at the moment, hopefully we will hear what Koei Tecmo/Intelligent Systems/Nintendo are cooking up soon.

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